Introducing 1TapTrack: Unlock the Power of Time

Experience the power of simplicity! Unlike other habit and time tracker apps, we redefine convenience with just one tap.

Intuitive Time Tracking

Set Your Activities and Group them into Classes

Define your measurements effortlessly with 1TapTrack. Whether it's tracking time spent on learning or counting your daily coffee intake, choose between a timer or counter. Enjoy the ease of tapping on a tile to initiate or increment – it's that simple!

Personalized Goal Setting

Tap on an Activity to Track Time Spent or Count Reps

Set up activities and group them into customizable classes for a tailored tracking experience. No complexity, just straightforward efficiency in managing your routines.

Insightful Analytics

Download a Report of All your Tracked Activities

Every interaction creates a database entry, easily downloadable for analysis in Excel. Navigate your activities seamlessly, organized within classes.

Video Tutorial

1TapTrack Unleashed: Witness the App in Action!

Systems beat emotions all the time! 1TapTrack helps you to build great systems to steer your daily activities so you can achieve your potential! 1TapTrack is the foundation for deliberate decisions on how to best spend the sole resource that fully belongs to you, your life time!

Content Platform

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Join our dynamic journey as we unravel time management, supercharge focus, and unveil the secrets to building powerful habits. Elevate your productivity game and unlock your full potential with us!